1. Opening of the meeting.
  2. Organizational matters:
    1. Adoption of the agenda;
    2. Organization of work.
  3. Matters related to the work programme of the Open-ended Working Group for 2016–2017:
    1. Strategic issues:
      1. Strategic framework;
      2. Developing guidelines for environmentally sound management;
      3. Cartagena Declaration on the Prevention, Minimization and Recovery of Hazardous Wastes and Other Wastes;
    2. Scientific and technical matters:
      1. Technical guidelines:
        1. Technical guidelines on the environmentally sound management of wastes consisting of, containing or contaminated with persistent organic pollutants;
        2. Technical guidelines on transboundary movements of electrical and electronic waste and used electrical and electronic equipment, in particular regarding the distinction between waste and non-waste under the Basel Convention;
        3. Consideration of whether to update the technical guidelines on incineration on land, on specially engineered landfill and on physico-chemical treatment and biological treatment;
      2. National reporting;
    3. Legal, governance and enforcement matters:
      1. Consultation with the Committee Administering the Mechanism for Promoting Implementation and Compliance;
      2. Providing further legal clarity;
    4. International cooperation and coordination:
      1. Basel Convention Partnership Programme;
      2. Cooperation between the Basel Convention and the International Maritime Organization;
      3. Cooperation with the World Customs Organization on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System;
    5. Financial matters.
  4. Work programme of the Open-ended Working Group for 2018–2019.
  5. Other matters.
  6. Adoption of the report.
  7. Closure of the meeting.