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UNEP Nitrogen Working Group on the implementation of UNEA4 Resolution 14 on Sustainable Nitrogen Management

‘First e-briefing for the Nitrogen Working Group of the United Nations Environment Programme’ on 8th & 9th June from 13:00-15:00 UK time.

Working Documents

NWG Briefing-1/W.Doc.1: Draft Agenda

UNEP/EA.4/Res.14: Sustainable Nitrogen Management

Information Documents

NWG Briefing-1/Inf.Doc.1: Outline for the International Nitrogen Assessment

NWG Briefing-1/Inf.Doc.2: Proposal for an ad-hoc Task Team to examine possible Terms of Reference for the INCOM

NWG Briefing-1/Inf.Doc.3: Actions towards UNEA-5: Follow-up to Resolution 4/14 Sustainable Nitrogen Management

NWG Briefing-1/Inf.Doc.4: UNEP Frontiers Report 2019 Chapter 4: The Global Nitrogen Challenge

NWG Briefing-1/Inf.Doc.5: UNEP Working Group on Sustainable Nitrogen Management - National Focal Points



Session 1:  Opening and INMS Briefing for the International Nitrogen Assessment

Ppt 1 -  Introductions Mark Sutton
Ppt 2 - Tools and Methods for Nitrogen Assessment Jill Baron & Hans van Grinsven
Ppt 3 - Global & Regional quantification of N use, flows, impacts and benefits of practices Wim de Vries & Jean Ometto
Ppt 4 - Developing regional assessments of nitrogen management Cargele Masso
Ppt 5 - INA Awareness raising, process and complementary products Clare Howard


Session 2: What do we need from inter-convention nitrogen coordination?

Ppt 1 - Recap of Day 1 Mark Sutton
Ppt 2 - Nitrogen Under the UNECE Air Convention Ana Engleryd
Ppt 3 - Climate, Nitrogen, the Koronivia Process and the road to COP26 Dirk Nemitz
Ppt 4 - Role of Global Programme of Action (GPA) Habib El-Habr
Ppt 5 - Relevance of Nitrous Oxidefor the Ozone Treaties Sophia Mylona
Ppt 6 - Relevance of International Coordination to mitigate nitrogen pollution in global livestock Aimable Uwizeye
Ppt 7 - Linking Nitrogen and Nutrition Ana Islas Ramos
Ppt 8 - Country Statement - India Ramesh Ramachandran
Ppt 9 - Country Statement - Sri Lanka: Part 1 and Part 2 Gamini Wijesinghe
Ppt 10 - Country Statement - Romania Naiana Milea



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