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First Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open Ended Expert Group

The Ad Hoc Open Ended  Expert Group was established under UNEP/EA.3/Res.7 Marine Litter and Microplastics. The first meeting is scheduled to take place in UNON, Nairobi, Kenya from 29 to 31 May 2018

Please submit your position paper and relevant resolutions to the Secretariat at

Travel support request needs to be submitted to the Secretariat as soon as possible. Travel support will be granted in priority to representatives from the Least Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States.

Please complete the registration to the meeting through the registration portal prior to the meeting. Please bring the QR code issued from the system to the registration desk at the entrance of the UN Office at Nairobi. Registration starts from 8am on Monday 29 May 2018.



[31 May 2018]

[28 May 2018]

[25 May 2018]

  • Meeting schedule from 29 to 31 May 2018
    • Morning session: 10am - 1pm
    • Afternoon session: 3pm - 6pm
  • Proposed structure of the organization of work is uploaded here

[20 May 2018]

  • A coordination meeting among major groups and stakeholders will be organized on 28 May 2018 in Conference Room 1. All stakeholders in the major groups and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the meeting.
  • Edited versions of meeting documents are being uploaded

[3 May 2018]

  • Briefing on the Ad Hoc Open Ended Expert Group was provided to the subcommitee meeting of the Commitee of the Permanent Representatives.
  • Comments on the organizations of work to be sent to the Secretariat by 7 May 2018
  • Cut-off date for travel request was 30 April 2018.

[24 April 2018]

[23 April 2018]

[19 April 2018]

[17 April 2018]

[13 April 2018]

  • The portal seems to have technical issues in uploading position papers. In case you face problems, please submit your position papers through the email:

[6 April 2018]

  • Registration to the meeting will be done through a registration portal. The link to the registration portal will be available on this portal.
  • Submission of position papers was extended to 16 April 2018