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Process for review by the Committee of Permanent Representatives

This portal aims to compile all relevant information related to the Process for review by the Committee of Permanent Representatives As mandated in paragraph 9-13 of UNEA resolution 4/2 UNEA decision 4/2.

Paragraph 11 of that decision requests the Executive Director to “conduct a mapping exercise and provide an input paper on the topics specified in paragraph 10 of the present decision at least 3 weeks ahead of the 6th annual subcommittee meeting.”  The mapping exercise was considered by the Committee of Permanent Representatives at its 146th meeting held on 20 June 2019

Following the 146th meeting of the CPR, member States and stakeholders were invited to submit written inputs and proposals to the Secretariat, which were made available on this portal (left column). 

Based on the submissions to the Secretariat, the Secretariat developed an input paper, including specific options based on the written inputs from Member States and stakeholders, as well as from relevant recommendations included in the “UNEA-4: Assessment and lessons-learned” paper prepared by the Secretariat and endorsed by the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR) in June 2019, for consideration at the 6th meeting of the Annual Subcommittee of the CPR on 9 October 2019. At that meeting, member States agreed on a “Consolidated proposal for a consensual process for review by the CPR of the United Nations Environment Assembly and its subsidiary bodies as set out in and covering paragraph 9-13 of UNEA decision 4/2”, including the appointment of two co-facilitators - Mr Marcus Davies of Canada and Mr Mapopa C. Kaunda of Malawi - to lead the process, and roadmap of meetings for the consultation process

Several subcommittee meetings have been held under the process for review by the CPR in 2019 and 2020. Summaries of these meetings, as well as all written inputs received from member States and stakeholders are available on these meeting portals: 

A final 2-day stock-taking meeting will take place under the framework of the 7th Annual Subcommittee meeting, scheduled for 12-16 October 2020. 

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