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Further information on the stocktaking exercise

Demo of the online repository of the global stocktaking of marine litter actions:

For more information on the stocktaking and the survey in particular, and how to submit inputs please access the webinar recoding through:

We also wish to remind you that guidelines on how to fill in the survey are available through:

Also find available the webinar presentations

Recording of webinar on approaches to analyse effectiveness

Recording of webinar

Powerpoint presentation on: Approaches to analyse effectiveness pursuant to UNEA Resolution 4/6 paragraph 7(d)

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Inputs from Member States and stakeholders to the working documents for the fourth meeting of the ad hoc expert group on marine litter and microplastics.

As per the outcome document accessible here, the secretariat invites Member States and Stakeholders to provide their inputs for any or all of the below listed work streams.

  • Voluntary inputs on examples of approaches to analyze effectiveness (subparagraph 7 (d) in UNEA resolution 4/6) – Submission deadline: 10 January 2020 (Deadline passed) ; 
  • Voluntary inputs to the report on stocktaking, pursuant to subparagraph 7(a) in UNEA resolution 4/6 - by 11 February 2020;
  • Submission of potential response options, pursuant to paragraph 10(d) of UNEA resolution 3/7 – also by 17 February 2020

The submissions can be made through the following means:

  1. Filling the online form that allows you to enter the relevant information on the specific sections.
  2. Uploading your documents through the file upload on each of the above sections. The documents will be guided by the template accessible here

Kindly observe the deadline for the submission dates to enable the secretariat to prepare adequately for the relevant actions. Note that some action points require the secretariat to include these inputs to the working documents for the fourth session of the Ad Hoc Open-Ended expert group and timely submission will therefore be appreciated.

Voluntary inputs on examples of approaches to analyze effectiveness.  

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Voluntary inputs to the report on stocktaking



Submission of potential response options