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Recording of webinar on approaches to analyse effectiveness

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Powerpoint presentation on: Approaches to analyse effectiveness pursuant to UNEA Resolution 4/6 paragraph 7(d)

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Submission of potential response options

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This section requests the inputs based on the following operative paragraph of UNEA 3 resolution 7:

10. Decides to convene, subject to the availability of resources, meetings of an open-ended ad hoc expert group to further examine the barriers to and options for combating marine plastic litter and microplastics from all sources, especially land-based sources, and:

(d) Decides that the open-ended ad hoc expert group will have the following initial programme of work:

  1. To explore all barriers to combating marine litter and microplastics, including challenges related to resources in developing countries;
  2. To identify the range of national, regional and international response options, including actions and innovative approaches, and voluntary and legally binding governance strategies and approaches;
  3. To identify environmental, social and economic costs and benefits of different response options;
  4. To examine the feasibility and effectiveness of different response options;
  5. To identify potential options for continued work for consideration by the United Nations Environment Assembly;


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