In-session documents

In-session documents are parliamentary documents for consideration during the meetings of United Nations bodies and entities and intergovernmental bodies, including draft resolutions and decisions. These documents should be kept as short as possible as they must be processed very quickly and issued for limited distribution during the session. In-session documents cannot be accepted for processing on the final day of a meeting.  All finalized, adopted documents can be located at the United Nations official document system ( 

 In-session documents include the following:

Limited documents  (UNEP/EA.2/L.x

L documents are draft documents (resolutions, meeting proceedings, etc.) that are presented, negotiated and   finalized in-session by delegations.  


Conference room papers  (UNEP/EA.2/CRP.x)

CRPs are new proposals or information provided by Member States or the secretariat on the subject at hand.


Non-papers are amendments or comments submitted by participants on documents or texts under consideration to facilitate the negotiating process.  Some non-papers are provided by the secretariat on a particular subject.  They do not bear a document symbol and are not considered part of the official record.